Thursday, September 19, 2019

FMC Mourns Cokie Roberts

Famed journalist was the only Honorary Member of FMC


(Washington, DC) – FMC mourns the loss of the only Honorary Member in the history of the organization, with the passing of famed journalist Cokie Roberts Tuesday.

Roberts was named an honorary Member of FMC because of her dogged effort to improve the knowledge, by the American public, of Congress, its institutions, its history, its importance, and its Members. Roberts was also the daughter of a pair of former Members of Congress, who greatly influenced those efforts.

“Cokie Roberts was a journalism icon,” said FMC President Martin Frost, “Her work on behalf of both the American public, and her employers in the media world, helped further the goals that FMC is built on: bipartisanship, civility and love for the United States of America. Her voice in our nation’s political dialogue will be greatly missed, and those of us who knew and loved her now also find a great void in our lives.”

Roberts was a presenter at several FMC events, including the annual Statesmanship Awards Dinner, during her career, and was active in a number of FMC's programs, particularly ones focused on civic education.