FMC's Senior Staff Advisory Council (SAC) allows FMC and its Congressional Study Groups to maintain a bilateral information exchange between our organization, our partners and Capitol Hill. While Members of Congress are frequently required to maintain a hectic schedule, including frequent travel for campaigns and to engage with constituents in their home districts, their senior staff remain in their Washington offices, focused on the nation's capital and how it impacts those districts and our people. That knowledge and experience is valued by FMC and our organizational partners, because it creates a deeper understanding of the legislative and political future of both the United States and our international relationships. Senior Congressional staff, in turn, gain new relationships with our transoceanic partners, creating new perspectives through which they can examine the legislative future of our own nation. 


Chief of Staff Study Tour

Our Chief of Staff Study Tours provide the opportunity for examination, by some of the top staffers in the U.S. House and Senate, of the economic realities; interaction with students, journalists and business leaders; and a better understanding of bilateral and multilateral trade between the United States and our trading partners. Senior staff travelling on study tours meet with critical government officials, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with their fellow staffers from across the aisle, providing a sense of comity and cooperation that lasts long after their tour is complete.


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