FMC is built on the expertise and experience of our Former Members of Congress, and through discussions and historical reflection, came the realization that any success they had while serving our nation was predicated on having effective staff in Washington and back home. The leader of the Congressional District staff is the District Director for House members and the State Director for Senators. With this knowledge in mind, FMC has created a new initiative to engage with District Directors, bringing them together for a bipartisan exchange of best practices and to create better relationships across the aisle and across the country. FMC is committed to creating these relationships, not in Washington, but outside the Beltway Bubble, where these Directors go to work each day. Regional retreats are planned throughout the country, bringing Directors from every timezone together, to have important conversations about how to strengthen the institution of Congress, from the grassroots up.

Study Tours

The Study Tour for District Directors provides an exciting opportunity for meeting and building relationships with other District Directors across party lines and throughout the country. District directors, regardless of party, are on the frontline addressing constituent concerns and engaging in regional issues. Our District Director Study tours bring the delegation to locations to learn about issues that are both of value to their region and to their Member. By bringing a delegation of district directors together we hope the exchange of ideas, approaches, analysis and understanding of common challenges will foster the development of relationships based on collegiality and shared experiences.


District Director Study Tour to Korea 2019


District Director Study Tour to Ireland 2018

canada dd.jpg

District Director Study Tour to Canada 2019


District Director Study Tour to Germany 2019


District Director Study Tour to Boston 2017


District Director Study Tour to Houston 2017


District Director Study Tour to Japan 2018


District Director Study Tour to Iceland 2017 


District Director Study Tour to Puerto Rico 2018


District Director Study Tour to Germany 2017 



FMC's relationship with District Directors is not a "one off" but ongoing.  After bringing delegations on study tours we add them to a roster of District Directors that we invite every year to a domestic symposium. These symposiums have Hill type panel discussion-- off the Hill--- in a central location of our country. This way we continue to provide important current expert information to District Directors and continue our across the aisle, across the country relationship building between district directors.


St. Louis 2018


District Director Fly-Ins

FMC hosts a reception for the District Directors who join their party's Fly-in days.  This provides us with a unique opportunity to meet more district directors and let them know about FMC.  Although our receptions do not provide across the aisle networking, it gives the district directors an opportunity to have a DC networking experience. 


Republican District Director Fly-in


Democratic District Director Fly-in