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Former Congressman Coyne comes to Cassidy & Associates after eighteen years with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA). His tenure there covered a period of great growth and challenge for the aviation industry. Aviation interests operate in one of the most regulated sectors in the country and need an especially strong voice to make sure their public policy interests are protected. The association represents aviation businesses at over one- thousand U.S. airports and has worked to promote all forms of civil aviation for nearly seventy years.

Prior to taking the helm of NATA, Coyne was a Member of the House of Representatives, business man, and Reagan political appointee. After running a successful chemical and industrial materials firm for nearly a decade, Coyne was elected to represent the 8th District of Pennsylvania. While in Congress, Mr. Coyne was deeply engaged in issues pertaining to banking, energy, technology, trade and fiscal policy.

Upon leaving Capitol Hill Coyne took a position in the Reagan White House, serving as Special Assistant to the President and directing the Office of Private Sector Initiatives.

Since leaving the public sector Mr. Coyne has led a number of trade associations and advocacy groups. This included serving as President of the American Consulting Engineers Council, American Tort Reform Association, and Americans to Limit Congressional Terms. Through his successful leadership of these organizations, Mr. Coyne has worked on a broad swathe of public policy issues at the state and federal level.

Coyne holds degrees from Yale University and Harvard Business School. He has also served on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

At Cassidy & Associates Mr. Coyne will serve as a Director of Business Development working to develop new clients